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Daugavpils novads


Daugavpils region is a place where Latgale and Selia get together. The region is situated in the East of Latvia and it consists of 19 parishes. The Destiny River Daugava extends through all Daugavpils region. The river creates unique bends with its zigzag lines from Kraslava till Krauja, but below Daugavpils near Liksna and Nicgale, Daugava has calm stream and goes to the Baltic Sea dividing the region into two parts. There is Augszeme or the Land of Seli on the left bank and Latgale - on the right side.

Ethnographical Old Belivers' Village of Slutiski

Slutiski old believers' village is situated in Slutiski, Naujene parish, on the right bank of the Daugava river. In Naujene Local History Museum holdings for the forst time Slutiski as a village was mentioned in 1785.
Rectangle log house buildings covered with gabled of for-sided roof are on the basis of all buildings. Decoration of houses is similar to our neighbours, wood carving masters – the Slavs. Slavonic architectural traditions basically are expressed in magnifiscent decorations of facades, window frames and doors.

Viski Artisan's Village

Crafts (the three-dimensional ceramic panels, woodwork (the ceramist Valdis Grebezs), wickerwork (Pupoli studio), demonstrations of artisan skills.
A familiarization with traditional Latvian national musical instrument - kokle.

Artisan's Village is available to visitors by appointment only. Offers a guided tour of the Viski village and tasty lunch in the cafe, or picnic at the lake with an overnight stay.

Ruins of the Dinaburg Castle and Castle Model

The remained ruins of the castle built by the Livonian Orden Master Ernest von Racenburg in the 13th century can still be seen; there is a stone model of this castle on the mound, the historical exposition is located in the nearby museum. It is located in the nature park “Daugavas loki” (“Daugava bends”). The Dinaburg castle is situated on the right bank of the Daugava River, about 18 km to the east from Daugavpils, 3 km to the south-west from the nearest railway station and 1 km from Daugavils-Kraslava motorway, in the place of the ancient Naujene castle mound.

Blessed Jesus' Heart Roman Catholic Church in Liksna

The building of Blessed Jesus' Heart Roman Catholic Church in Liksna was finished in 1913. It was built in Neo-Gothic style. Its silhouette is the most important landscape dominant of Daugava valley in environs of Kosa Lake.

The Nicgale Big Stone

The Nīcgale Big Stone is the biggest known boulder in Latvia. It is situated deep in the forest, approximately 6km to the East of Nīcgale railway station, but it is easily reached due to arranged indicators and earthroad. The stone is situated on the crossing of forest paths.

Chervonka (Vecsaliena) Castle

Chervonka (Vecsaliene) castle was build in 1870 in the Neogothic style and is located in a bend of the park, which was created in the 19th century. This picturesque building with a dynamic and complex composition of the volume is a real fairy-tale castle. The building is covered with a steep span roof. The risalits, the mezzanines and the tower add up to its plastic. The details are worked out with special carefulness. They are diverse and successfully complete the expressiveness of the space. For example, the window openings are lancet, segment, rectangle and round.

"Beibuki" boat rental

The Slutishki Scarp

The Slutishki Scarp is the biggest outcrop of Quaternary rock on the territory of Latvia which is located in Daugava river's valley. Its height is 40.9 m, length – 400 m and slope angle is 38 degrees.
In 1925, up to 6 m high outcrop of Middle Devonian white sandstone with several water-eroded caves were seen at the bottom of the scarp. Now Daugava doesn’t bathe its banks in so intensive way, landslides hide the sandstone, and the scarp is becoming overgrown with bushes.

The park of Liksna manor (Liksna paths)


Daugavpils Regional Tourist Information Centre

Daugavpils Tourist Information Centre

22a Rigas Street, Daugavpils