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"From the stones of the historic fortress and proud Jugendstil in the city centre to small wooden houses in the suburbs with grayish-blue shutters and geraniums on the windowsills – Daugavpils is a city with a pronounced feeling of home and protection that accompanies every person who was born or has lived here for some time." (Poet Anna Rancane)

Interesting facts

Daugavpils Fortress – the only fortress in Northern Europe with a unique fortification system that has remained without significant changes till nowadays.

Daugavpils Mark Rothko Art Centre – the only place in Eastern Europe where the original masterpieces of the artist can be seen.

The Exhibition of Nature in Daugavpils City Centre Gymnasium

The exhibition of nature in Daugavpils City Centre Gymnasium – the gift of the craftsmen Pyotr Khudobchenok. The exhibition consists of the departments of paleontology, geology, mineralogy, and biogeography.

Museum of Paleontology of 10 High School

There is the collection of famous craftsman Pyotr Khudobchenok in the basis of museum of paleontology. The craftsman Pyotr collected the exhibits during 30 years and the most of them were found on the banks of rivers Daugava and Gauja. Last 8 years as a result of annual expeditions the coasts of Gauja river were investigated from Cesis to Krustini. Some of the exhibits was acquired by exchange in Russia, Poland and Austria.


Museum Class in Daugavpils Secondary School of J.Rainis No.6

In the museum class there are collected displays (authentic household objects, old books, school accessories, copies of documents connected with the history of school from National Archives). Also there may be visited two small exhibitions (“Handbells from all around the world”, “Money in Latvia and in the world”). In the class there are located banners with the information about the eminent school-leavers: poet Janis Rainis, painter Rihards Zarins who is the author of the coat of arms of the Republic of Latvia and collection “Latvju raksti”, botanist Karlis Reinholds Kupfers.

Boat trips on the Daugava River on a raft “Sola” or boat “Dina”

"Beibuki" boat rental offers water trips on the Daugava River on a raft “Sola” and boat “Dina”.
The route: the arch near the bank of Daugava River (the beginning of Rigas Street) - Nicholas Gate (Daugavpils Fortress). The length, duration and direction of the water route can be choosen according to customer needs. It is possible to use audio guides during the trip.


Tandem paragliding and motor hang gliding with an instructor. Teaching paragliding/hang gliding and pilot certification. Flights using a winch at Griva aerodrome. Air shows. Aerial photography.

Daugavpils, Euro and the Artist Rihards Zarins

The prominent Latvian painter and graphic artist Rihards Karlis Valdemars Zarins (1869 – 1939) studied in the present J. Rainis Daugavpils Secondary School No. 6. He created symbols that are depicted in Latvian euro coins – the portrait of Latvian girl and the coat of arms of Latvian Republic.


Dubrovin Park

Located between Rigas and Parades Streets. The development of the park was actively supported by Pavel Dubrovin (1839–1890), who was the city mayor from 1876 to 1890. The park was named after its creator, and not far from the fountain there is a monument to Pavel Dubrovin – a bronze figure, about two metres tall (by Alexander Taratynov, 2007). Another feature of the park is a memorial for the Soviet Army soldiers that was erected in Soviet times. Dubrovin Park is the favorite rest and recreation place for local residents.

The Association of Daugavpils Artisans

The Association of Daugavpils Artisans is one of the regional artisan organizations that unites the representatives of different professions.

The Association of Artisans offers a variety of training courses, seminars and “en plein air” activities, informs the artisans on topical issues in the field of artisanship and on the possibilities for further professional development. The Association introduces clients to the business start-ups, issues and extends the artisan identity cards, organizes theoretical workshops.


Daugavpils Regional Tourist Information Centre

Daugavpils Tourist Information Centre

22a Rigas Street, Daugavpils