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Along the Steps of Earls Plater-Zyberk in Daugavpils and its Surrounding

The origin of Earls Plater family dates back to medieval times in Germany, Westphalia, when in 1210 for the first time was mentioned the name of Westphalia knight Humbert von Plater. The ancestors of Plater family arrived to the Baltic with crusaders. After settlement in Latgale they assimilated and adopted Polish culture developing family ties with Zyberk family. Earls Plater-Zyberk became one of the most notable and powerful families in Latgale. Their property was situated not only in Latgale, Vidzeme and Kurzeme, but also in Poland and Lithuania.

Circle of Happiness – Legends and Tales

This happened in the old days, when the God created the world and has begun to create the Baltic lake land. As soon as he started to work, the devil comes directly to him and says: "Take me to the helpers!" the God scratched his beard, thought and agreed, but he severely said that the devil should work hard, carefully lining the ground. Ok! The devil began to work hard in the district of Ludza, then in Aukshtaitija, Bukumuiza, Andrupene, Dagda, Kraslava, Daugavpils. There he met the God again. Let him take the job!

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