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Daugavpils region

Cycling route No.22 "Daugavas Loki Nature park"

"Daugavas loki" nature park is situated in Daugavpils and Kraslava regions -
between Naujene and Kraslava. It is one of the most beautiful nature corners with a unique territory and all the peculiarities of the landscapes, especially 8 big curves, worthy nature complex and cultural and historical monuments.

Juzefova Manor Park. The area of the park covers 5.8 ha and it was formed at the end of 19th century. There are 17 foreign species of trees and bushes in the park.

Bicycle route N. 23 "Around the lake Lukna"

Spogi - Viski Vocational school - Viski – Danisevka - Spogi
Distance: 18 km

Lake Lukna is one of the biggest lakes in the Viski parish that is situated approximately 30 kilometres to the North-east from the city Daugavpils. There are several more lakes in the Viski parish. Together they make the beautiful scenery of this area.

Slavic and Latgalian Heritage: similarities and differences

Slavic and Latgalian Heritage: similarities and differences - the route includes History museum of Naujene, the chapel in Krivosejeva, the stele of the 19th century at the Old Believers' cemetery, the tour of ethnographic estate in Slutiski (Slutišķi), the cemetery of Markova, Catholic church in Sprukti and Juzefova.

Polish Heritage of Naujene Parish

The route includes visiting the Local History museum of Naujene which stages the exhibition "Polish heritage of Naujene parish", visiting of the St.Peter and Paul Roman Catholic Church in Jezupova and a stroll around the park of Juzefova. Horseriding is available for additional fee.

Organizer: History museum of Nauene
Ordering of excursions and guide services: Skolas 1b Street, Nauene.
Tel./fax: 654 71321, 29468988 or 26532508.

The Heritage of Old Believers in Latgale

The heritage of Old Believers in Latgale: the route includes Naujene Local History museum, the chapel in Krivosheeva, the stele of the 19th century at the Old Believers' cemetery, the tour of ethnographic estate "House of the Old Believers."

The route gives a clear picture about Old Believers’ household items and tools that were used in everyday life, about religious traditions and traditions of burial, about the peculiarities of house building and interior of home. Tourist groups may have food of Old Believers in the estate Slutishki (Slutišķi) (booking in advance).

Get to Know Manors and Castles of Daugavpils Region!

1. Buildings of Mols manor and park
Viski, Viski parish, Daugavpils region
The building was established in the late 19th century. The castle was built for the birth of Polish landlords - Mols. It was the castle with two towers. The castle was destroyed during the World War I. The barn, the shed and the 2-storeyed living building as well as the open-planed park, where you can observe 75 species of trees and shrubs, have survived till nowadays.

Two-day trip "Daugavas loki" Nature Park"

Two-day trip "Daugavas loki" Nature Park" - the first day is an acquaintance with the natural park "Daugavas loki" accompanied by a guide, and lodging for the night in a guest house of Nauene, the second day - rafting down on the river Daugava.

Organizer: Nauene Local History Museum
1B Skolas Street, Nauene, Daugavpils region
Tel./fax: 65471321, 29468988 or 26532508.

Secrets of Knights of Dinaburg Castle

Secrets of knights of Dinaburg castle: separate programme for children and adults. The program involves a visit of History museum of Nauene, exhibitions "The medieval stone castle of the Livonian Order - Dinaburg", museum-pedagogical activity for children " knights’ tales at the foot of the settelement of fortress Dinaburg" or for adults – "Relay race of knights", as well as tour of a model of castle Dinaburg.

Daugavpils Region Golden Winding

The former president of Latvia, Kārlis Ulmanis, once said: “Latgalia has one great advantage: it is beautiful! People travel abroad and spend lots of money to see the glorious nature there. We will now start to broadcast: if anyone wants to see the life conditions other than they are in Kurzeme or Vidzeme, let him go to Latgalia.



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