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Churches of the Church Hill

Daugavpils is one of the few places in the world where you can see the churches of the four religious confessions at the same time: Orthodox Cathedral of Boris and Gleb, the Old Believers' Church of St. Nicholas, the Lutheran Cathedral of Martin Luther and the Catholic Church of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary. So. it is not a coincidence that the place was called the Church Hill.

The historical center of Daugavpils

Walking tour. During the excursion you will visit a unique monument of the 19th century - the historical center of Daugavpils with its buildings constructed in the style of Russian Empire and Modern. You will see a unique building of House of unity - the monument of the monumental building of the period of independent Republic of Latvia. Park Dubrovina was created in the late 19th century and it is the decoration of the city, where you can relax near the fountain in the shade of ancient trees.

Dinaburg (Daugavpils) fortress

Tour on a bus or a walking tour. The pearl of the city - Dinaburg fortress is a unique monument of historical and architectural importance. This is the only fortress of the XIX century in the Baltic States, which has been preserved without any significant changes. You can take walk around the buildings constructed in the style of Russian classicism: a commandant's house, a hospital, barracks, you also can visit the dungeons and the park, you can climb on ramparts and observe different kinds of ordnance. You will have a rare opportunity to feel the breath of the old times.

Get to know the metropoly of Eastern Latvia - Daugavpils!

“From the stones of the historic fortress and proud Jugendstil in the city centre to small wooden houses in the suburbs with grayish-blue shutters and geraniums on the windowsills – Daugavpils is a city with a pronounced feeling of home and protection that accompanies every person who was born or has lived here for some time.” (Poet Anna Rancane)

Polish Army Divisions in Battles for the Independence of Latvia

Units of Polish Army entered Latvia in the end of August 1919 and after a month completely pushed back Red Army from the left bank of Daugava thus fortifying their position in Eastern part of Ilukste district. On 3 January 1920 together with Latvian Army units I and III Legion divisions of Polish Army launched the attack over Daugava. At the same day they liberated Daugavpils and later – Kraslava, Viski, Rusona, Dagda and other towns and villages.

Tour route “Polish Heritage in Daugavpils”

In 1561 Latgale became the part of Poland. After Polish-Swedish War (1600-1629) Latgale remained in the possession of Poland until 1772 and was called Inflanty or Polish Vidzeme (Midland). During these historic zigzags Daugavpils had special role. The head of Inflanty Princedom was the governor appointed by the King. Such governors were called voivode. Latgale was divided in 4 districts: Daugavpils, Rezekne, Ludza and Viļaka. The heads of the districts were called starosta. Daugavpils starosta was supreme starosta.

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