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Facts and figures

Facts and figures

1275 – Dinaburg (Daugavpils) was first mentioned in historical chronicles.
1582 – Dinaburg acquired the rights of the city.

The City’s Coat of Arms

Daugavpils, Euro and the Artist Rihards Zarins

The prominent Latvian painter and graphic artist Rihards Karlis Valdemars Zarins (1869 – 1939) studied in the present J. Rainis Daugavpils Secondary School No. 6. He created symbols that are depicted in Latvian euro coins – the portrait of Latvian girl and the coat of arms of Latvian Republic.


Interesting facts

Daugavpils Fortress – the only fortress in Northern Europe with a unique fortification system that has remained without significant changes till nowadays.

Daugavpils Mark Rothko Art Centre – the only place in Eastern Europe where the original masterpieces of the artist can be seen.

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Daugavpils Regional Tourist Information Centre

Daugavpils Tourist Information Centre

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