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Culture, Entertainment, Cinema

The Stropi Stage

The stage in Stropi is the cultural-historical complex, situated in a scenic place with interesting relief and is the place for carrying out big folklore events, song festivals and performances. It is significant that on June 15 and 16 in 1940, Latgalian Song Festival took place at Daugavpils Stropi stage, with 8000 participants and 50 000 listeners from all over Latvia and it was the last Latvian Song Festival of independent Latvia.

Silver Screen Cinema

Unity House Concert Hall

Daugavpils Cultural Palace

Cultural center of Daugavpils region

Room rental rates: 
Entertainment hall (300 m2) - 45.00 €/h
Hall with fireplace - 30.00 €/h (164 m2)
Entertainment hall and hall with fireplace at the same time - 65.00 €/h (464 m2)
Café - 15.00 €/h (170 m2)
Rehearsal hall - 15.00/h (54 m2)
Meeting room - 7.00 €/h (28 m2)
Technical equipment rental rates: 
Sound amplification equipment for events in rented rooms - 15.00 €/h

"Taller" Restaurant and Night Club

Vikings bar

In the city centre, in the cosy half-basement, a bar called "Vikings" is located, where in a pleasant atmosphere behind the solid wood tables you can enjoy a variety of beers.

The premises of the bar "Vikings" keep the medieval aura. The interior consists of ascetic oak tables and benches, creating the atmosphere of a medieval tavern.

"Bastīlija" Night Club

"Klondaika" Entertainment and Leisure Area

"Klondaika" Entertainment and Leisure Area

"Klondaika" Entertainment and Leisure Area

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Daugavpils Regional Tourist Information Centre

Daugavpils Tourist Information Centre

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