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Daugavpils Olympic Centre

The construction of Daugavpils Multifunctional Sports Center started in January, 2008. The Sports Center, which is being built by request of "Daugavpils Olympic Center" Ltd., is the biggest  closed type construction in all Latgale region. The newly built Sports Hall has significant functional and visual differences from similar profile  construction objects in Latvia and is one of the brightest architectural buildings in the city. The construction works are  financed by the Latvian Olympic Committee and Daugavpils Municipality.

Daugavpils Ice Palace

Daugavpils Ice Palace was opened in 1999. It offers winter sports year-round and you can came and skate on the hottest summer day. During the winter season, the Daugavpils Open Hockey Championship takes place here with participating teams from Daugavpils and surrounding region. The Ice Palace also offers figure skating, ice ballet and circus performances as well as a venue for rock concerts and festivals.

"Lokomotīve" Speedway Stadium

Tracks for distance skiing in Daugavpils

Daugavpils has 4 tracks for skiing, their use depends on weather. Now it is possible to use all 4 tracks – in Stropi wood, in New Fordstadt wood, in Stropi stage wood and near the railway in Stropi. More information on tracks and their location schemes is available at Orienteering Club "Stiga" homepage, where the information about the track conditions is regularly updated.

Orange bowling

"Mučas" Boat Rent

Muchas boat rent – unforgettable boat trips on lakes and rivers.


  • popular boating routes, Daugavas Loki, Tartak, Dubna, Laucese and Latgalian lakes;
  • Vista kayak rent, rafts, canoes and rubber boats;
  • the development of the new water routes.

Olimpija Sport and Recreation Complex

Hotel. Resort & Spa. Sport & Active Leisure Centre. Sports and Games. Swimming pool. Bathhouse. SPA.

Celtnieks Sport Complex

  • Hostel (19 rooms)
  • Sport & Active Leisure Centre
  • Swimming pool - 25 m
  • Stadium
  • Bathhouse

Daugavpils University Sport Сomplex

"Beibuki" Boat Rental

"Beibuki" boat rental offers comfortable, safe, lightweight kayaks and spacious canoes for families and friend groups. "Beibuki" boat rental offers boat transportation services and recommend the best routes. The rental price is 15 EUR per first day, the next day – 10 EUR. Life-vests, oars and waterproof bags are included in the price.


Tandem paragliding and motor hang gliding with an instructor. Teaching paragliding/hang gliding and pilot certification. Flights using a winch at Griva aerodrome. Air shows. Aerial photography.

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Daugavpils Regional Tourist Information Centre

Daugavpils Tourist Information Centre

22a Rigas Street, Daugavpils